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Things to consider before rebranding your business

Things to consider before rebranding your business

By On February 12, 2020

Rebranding your business can seem like a daunting task, as it can involve a range of arduous tasks such as changing designs, updating clients, retraining staff and changing your marketing strategies. However,… Read More

Keeping your virtual team on track

Keeping your virtual team on track

By On February 9, 2020

Managing a virtual team can offer challenges that you won’t experience in-person teamwork. It can be harder to schedule meetings, show demonstrations and build connections. However, having a virtual team offers convenience,… Read More


Why you need business interruption insurance

By On February 2, 2020

With many small businesses often being the livelihood for their entire families, owners should consider taking out business interruption insurance in order to safeguard against financial loss experienced as a result of… Read More


Things to consider before hiring an intern

By On January 22, 2020

Hiring an intern can sound like a win-win situation; the intern gets an opportunity to learn and boost their career, you get some extra help generally at a lower wage rate than… Read More


The importance of keeping business records

By On January 18, 2020

Businesses operating in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, the task of keeping records can fall secondary to everyday business operations. However, failing to efficiently keep up-to-date and comprehensive records can hurt your… Read More


Can you change your business or company name?

By On January 14, 2020

Changing your business or company name can be an exciting leap. You can find yourself thinking about things like redesigned logos, rebranding and new customers, but before that, you have to think… Read More


Don’t delay new business ideas

By On December 24, 2019

Many business owners have exciting ideas about where the future might take their company. These ideas may be concerning new products, internal improvements or new market segments. It is, however, an unfortunate… Read More


Closing the office for the holidays

By On December 19, 2019

As the holiday season approaches, the workplace often gets more relaxed as things wrap up. However, closing the business for the holidays usually isn’t as simple as turning the lights off and… Read More


Doing market research for your business

By On December 15, 2019

Market research is key to developing relevant and effective business strategies as it helps you understand your industry, customers, competitors and market trends. Undertaking both primary and secondary market research can allow… Read More


Pros and cons of hiring an intern

By On December 6, 2019

With so many eager school-leavers looking for employment opportunities, hiring an intern can seem like a good way to offer work experience to someone without the risks of a long-term commitment of… Read More


What to include in a business partnership agreement 

By On December 1, 2019

Entering into a business partnership can come with conflicts and misunderstandings between you and your new associate. This is why having a written agreement that clearly outlines your rights and responsibilities is… Read More


CGT concessions for shares and trust interests

By On November 24, 2019

For taxpayers wishing to access the small business capital gains tax (CGT) concessions for shares in a company or interests in a trust, they must first meet the standard requirements as well… Read More


How to avoid non-paying clients

By On November 18, 2019

Running a business is hard enough without having to chase up payments from your customers. Here are some measures you can take to prevent yourself from having to deal with the profitability… Read More


Moving your business online 

By On November 10, 2019

In order to keep up with the growing demands of digital accessibility and convenience, many businesses decide to partially or completely move their business online. This can help with extending customer reach… Read More


The ATOs ABN cleanup 

By On November 1, 2019

The ATO has announced that in October 2019, they will be focusing on the bulk Australian business number (ABN) cancellation program. This program will be cancelling ABNs that the ATO is confident… Read More


Contractor obligations for business owners

By On October 25, 2019

Contractors bring with them different obligations that business owners need to comply with. Employers that incorrectly classify employees and contractors can face hefty penalties and charges as well as claims for entitlements… Read More


Knowing when to cut a product

By On October 16, 2019

Businesses looking to improve their profitability may need to consider cutting under-performing products and services. How a product contributes to growth strategy, brand management and production efforts can help you determine whether… Read More


What employment type is best for your business?

By On October 9, 2019

An employment contract establishes the terms and expectations of an employee before they start work. It outlines everything the employee has to know about working for you, including employee rights, working hours… Read More


Budget-friendly ways to promote your small business 

By On September 30, 2019

Promoting your business can seem tricky to navigate and expensive, especially when there are budget and staff restrictions to think about. However, there are a number of ways to promote your business… Read More


Dealing with a bad day at work

By On September 24, 2019

Bad days can happen to the best of us, but that doesn’t stop work from needing to get done. Whilst working when you’re feeling down is the last thing you want to… Read More


Hiring working holiday makers

By On September 18, 2019

In Australia, there are approximately 100,000 working holiday makers employed each year. Any employer can hire working holiday makers provided they meet the requirements to do so. Employers must confirm the working… Read More


When do you need an ABN?

By On September 10, 2019

An Australian business number (ABN) is a unique 11-digit number that the Australian Business Register issues to all businesses, identifying your business to the community and government whilst also making it easier… Read More


Are they an employee or a contractor?

By On September 6, 2019

Employers that incorrectly treat employees as contractors can face hefty penalties and charges as well as claims for entitlements and superannuation contributions. Even if employers are only hiring someone for a few… Read More


Quick fixes to boost email marketing

By On August 30, 2019

While email marketing remains one of the most effective platforms for businesses to reach clients on a personal level, it does not always deliver the results you may be after. If you’re… Read More


Evaluating risks in business  

By On August 21, 2019

Business owners are faced with constant challenges and tough decisions to make on a day-to-day basis. Risk-taking is often necessary to achieve more in the business, but owners need to make informed… Read More


Deduction rules for small businesses

By On August 12, 2019

Spending on capital assets usually cannot be deducted immediately. Instead, small businesses claim the costs over time in accordance with the asset’s depreciation. There are many different processes that businesses can employ… Read More


Boost employee productivity

By On August 6, 2019

All businesses need to look at ways to increase the productivity of their staff. When your employees get more work done, it will ultimately lead to the business making a bigger profit.… Read More


Supporting mental health in the workplace

By On July 29, 2019

Business owners have a responsibility to look after their staff and ensure they have a healthy working environment. This extends to mental health as well as physical. With one in five people… Read More


Managing business growth

By On July 22, 2019

It can be exciting and reassuring when your new business venture achieves growth and success. However, it can also become hard to manage and keep under control. When things reach a certain… Read More


What makes a successful business plan

By On July 15, 2019

When starting a new business, there are many elements you need to consider. Careful planning is essential to ensuring the longevity of your business, but what exactly goes into a good business… Read More


Improving the efficiency of your business

By On July 9, 2019

As a business owner, making the most of your day to optimise productivity is crucial to your success. The most efficient businesses are those that can create more with less and are… Read More


The art of reinvention 

By On June 28, 2019

Small businesses often rebrand or reinvent themselves to keep up with marketplace trends. Knowing when to let go of an idea so you can grow is a smart trait for a modern… Read More


How bullying brings your workplace down

By On June 24, 2019

Bullying is a serious issue in workplaces and can affect your business on many levels. Workplace bullying is where repeated and unreasonable behaviour is directed towards an individual or group of employees.… Read More


Good record keeping practices

By On June 18, 2019

Starting your business with a good record keeping system can help you track your business performance, meet reporting responsibilities and access financial history with ease. Since different rules apply to different types… Read More


Building the right team for your business

By On June 11, 2019

While hiring the right staff is a key element when running a business, to be successful you will need to build a strong team. Here are some tips on turning a group… Read More


Startup essentials to help your business succeed

By On June 3, 2019

Starting your own business can be as daunting as it is exciting. There are many aspects that need to be considered when making the change to becoming your own boss. Here are… Read More


How to get the most out of business meetings

By On May 29, 2019

Conducting meetings is a regular way of communicating what needs to be done around the office, but if nothing gets accomplished it can be discouraging. Business meetings that don’t produce results can… Read More


Choosing the right business location

By On May 24, 2019

When setting up your business, choosing a location can be a critical factor in its success. Unless you are completely home-based, you will need to decide where you will conduct your business… Read More


Common mistakes to avoid when launching a business

By On May 10, 2019

Starting a new business is an exciting time for many entrepreneurs. However, there are 5 common mistakes many new business owners make. By being aware of these mistakes, you will increase your… Read More


Handling negative feedback

By On May 6, 2019

Customer complaints are an inevitable part of running a business. How you handle negative feedback can help or hinder retaining existing customers. Complaints can be a great learning tool for businesses looking… Read More


Accounting during every stage of business

By On April 29, 2019

Professional help with accounting and financial decisions is useful at every stage of business. Accountants can assist with a variety of tasks during different periods of operation within your business to improve… Read More


How collaboration can help grow your business

By On April 12, 2019

In a market that is full of entrepreneurs and small businesses, collaborating with a business that complements yours can be a powerful tool to share your marketing budget and be introduced to… Read More


2019 Budget: A business growth based Budget

By On April 2, 2019

The 2019 Federal Budget focuses on building a better tax system for Australian businesses in order to create a stronger economy. Instant asset write-off:The instant asset write-off threshold will be increased from… Read More


What employee benefits apply for FBT

By On April 1, 2019

When an employer provides certain benefits for their staff, they are required to pay Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT). Employers pay FBT on the benefits they present to employees and their families or… Read More


Cashless business

By On March 25, 2019

Advancements in technology continue to digitise our world in many ways, including financially. In recent years, more businesses and events are turning to cashless systems. Whilst cash still remains popular in businesses… Read More


Raising early stage capital in your business

By On March 18, 2019

Raising capital is a step that every startup faces. When a business is brand new, the question of how to get money must be addressed. If you intend to launch a business… Read More


Before selling your business

By On March 8, 2019

Deciding to move on from your business can impact a lot of different people. When selling your business, you will need to consider the effects on all areas of operation from the… Read More


Challenges your business can face

By On March 1, 2019

Owning and running a small business comes with positives and negatives that maintain a balance. When the negative elements start to outweigh the positives, you have a problem. Every business will face… Read More


What advertising avenue is best for you?

By On February 21, 2019

Without exposure, businesses would come and go very quickly. In this new digital age, there are even more options for how you want to advertise your business. There are a variety of… Read More


Creating a positive business culture

By On February 14, 2019

Business culture is a reflection of what your company stands for, it’s your voice. Employee relations are what establishes this voice and can always be improved. A work environment that everyone enjoys… Read More


What we can learn from ‘introverted’ people

By On February 7, 2019

Most of us fall somewhere in between the introvert-extrovert spectrum but our concept of a great leader often looks to someone who exudes characteristics we often associate with ‘extroverts’ – including being… Read More


Instagram for business

By On January 31, 2019

You may think that Instagram is only for millennials obsessed with photographing themselves or their lunch but really it is a whole new area of marketing and business opportunities to explore. Instagram… Read More


Effective Team Performance

By On January 24, 2019

Teams, like workplaces, are becoming increasingly diverse, dynamic and digital. But the principle behind managing teams effectively remains the same. Are you providing the right conditions for your team to thrive? Here… Read More


Challenging the use of country as a proxy for culture

By On January 18, 2019

Business managers are required to work in increasingly diverse environments, facing issues that are increasingly dynamic, complex and uncertain in the face of global economic, social, and technological shifts. The behaviours used… Read More


Hiring high potential staff

By On December 20, 2018

Your business is only as good as your staff, which is why you want to hire high potential employees. You may find it hard to spot a high potential candidate in an… Read More


Personalising your business brand

By On December 14, 2018

Personalising your business brand attracts new customers by establishing authenticity and a point of difference. Follow these tips to improve your marketing and create a unique brand true to yourself. Put a… Read More


How small business can compete with major corporations

By On December 11, 2018

Small businesses should not feel intimidated by their corporate competitors as they have many unique advantages that can help them gain a sizeable market share. Small business owners should focus on specific… Read More


Benefits and problems of niche marketing

By On November 27, 2018

Business owners thinking about specialising their products and services to target a niche market should know the benefits and risks of this business strategy. Niche marketing is the business strategy of targeting… Read More


Fostering healthy workplace competition

By On November 20, 2018

Bringing out your staff’s competitive side can lift the performance of the entire business and boost productivity. However, competition can turn any workplace toxic so it is essential to get the balance… Read More


Leadership mistakes to avoid

By On November 8, 2018

Leadership mistakes contribute to falling standards around the office due to a lack of motivation or inefficient management. Here are some leadership mistakes to avoid in the workplace. Being hypocriticalLeaders that do… Read More


How community involvement grows your business

By On October 30, 2018

Business’ that get involved in community reap financial, workplace and brand image related benefits. Whether your business is new or relatively established in your area, community involvement should be at the forefront… Read More


Picking the right business location

By On October 26, 2018

The decision of where the headquarters of your business should be will have a significant hand in determining your profitability and productivity. Consider the following checklist to ensure you make the right… Read More


Strategies to reduce staff turnover

By On October 21, 2018

Staff turnover leads to significant costs from recruitment and training processes. Reducing staff turnover is fundamental to boosting profits in your bottom line and indicates a higher level of employee satisfaction. Perfect… Read More


Use your business card effectively

By On October 12, 2018

When business networking is increasingly digital with LinkedIn and your business’ website a primary way of getting your name out there, the business card is still an integral part of your networking… Read More


Making the decision to rebrand

By On October 5, 2018

Rebranding can help you survive in a changing industry or open your business up to new profit-making opportunities. Sometimes it may be difficult to make the call, when there are significant costs… Read More


How to give constructive feedback to staff

By On September 28, 2018

Giving feedback to staff is a key to being a successful manager. Although feedback should be viewed as an opportunity to grow, staff may be sensitive you are criticising their work. That… Read More


Strategies to put an end to negative office gossip

By On September 24, 2018

Negative gossip in the office is something that is harmful both to your business and to the employees. Whether it encourages individuals to seek work in a less toxic environment, slows down… Read More


When to get a business partner

By On September 14, 2018

Starting and running a business can be a lot more fun when you are working with someone you like and respect. With a partner, you have someone to share the excitement and… Read More


Strong leaders ask for help

By On September 6, 2018

There is no weakness in a leader who asks for help. Maintaining success in your small business requires you to seek advice from your employees on a range of matters. However, it… Read More


Consider business structure

By On August 31, 2018

Creating a new business is an exciting time for any first-time entrepreneur, but it also comes with making big decisions – one of these will be when you must choose which structure… Read More


Negotiating like a boss

By On August 24, 2018

The ability to negotiate well is one of the most desirable skills in the business world. It can help you get the very best outcome from any professional deal. There are many… Read More


Inclusivity in the workplace

By On August 20, 2018

Creating a workplace environment that fosters inclusivity and belonging for all is important for the longevity of your business. When people feel safe and a sense of community, they are bound to… Read More


Launching a business: mistakes to avoid

By On August 10, 2018

Launching a new business for the first time is an exciting phase for every entrepreneur. However, it is important to increase your chances for success by being aware of and avoiding common… Read More


Cash-only business? Consider making the switch

By On August 3, 2018

The Tax Office has released further findings that reveal cash-only businesses could be missing out on a significant chunk of revenue simply by not offering customers the option of electronic payment. An… Read More


Engaging in effective negotiation

By On July 27, 2018

The key to success is remembering that everything is negotiable, and that to get a deal you must ask for one. Many people stop right there because negotiating makes them uncomfortable. They… Read More


Growing your small business

By On July 20, 2018

Has your small business hit a slump lately? It may be time to develop a growth-focused strategy that can take your business to the next level. Consider these ideas when designing your… Read More


Refund policies

By On July 13, 2018

Businesses have specific obligations under Australian Consumer Law (ACL) when it relates to refunds, returns, guarantees and warranties. It is important that a business’ refund policy complies with ACL. All businesses have… Read More


Building a solid startup

By On July 6, 2018

It is no secret that most startups will fail in their first three years of operation, so building a new business that can not only survive but thrive in the face of… Read More


Simplifying your marketing

By On June 29, 2018

Overcomplicating your marketing efforts in a bid to increase awareness and boost sales is a common trap. As the marketing industry continues to overcrowd and evolve with technology, businesses need to look… Read More


Communicating effectively with difficult people

By On June 22, 2018

Working with unreasonable people is inevitable for most individuals at some point in their careers. Whether it is an unhappy customer, difficult colleague or uncompromising community member – chances are you will… Read More


Why failing can be good for your career

By On June 15, 2018

Failure is often considered a sign of weakness or defeat. However, it is also known to be a natural stage in an entrepreneur’s career and a stepping-stone to success in the world… Read More


Social media marketing trends

By On June 8, 2018

Social media platforms continually introduce new features and functions that change the way digital marketers create and distribute content. Maintaining awareness of popular social media trends helps to stay competitive and utilise… Read More


How to turn around a bad work day

By On June 1, 2018

Bad days can happen to the best of us, but before you throw in the towel and call it a day, consider how your mindset may be influencing your attitude. Here are… Read More


Using storytelling to build your brand

By On May 25, 2018

Storytelling taps into your customers’ emotions, builds trust and can help form a stronger connection with your audience. Many businesses are now using their business’ story in their marketing efforts to engage… Read More


Why your business needs a mission statement

By On May 18, 2018

A compelling mission statement will give your small business the purpose it needs to grow. In just a few clear and succinct sentences the statement should announce your driving business strategy. However,… Read More


Morning habits matter

By On May 11, 2018

How do you like to begin each day? The daily routines of successful entrepreneurs prove that ‘when’ and ‘how’ you choose to start your morning significantly impacts the rest of your day… Read More


Importance of a positive workplace

By On May 7, 2018

Employees play an essential role in the success or failure of a small business. Which is why creating a positive workplace environment for your staff is of the utmost importance. An environment… Read More


Succeed in the workplace

By On April 27, 2018

Although workplaces require different skills and personality traits to fit into the role and culture of the business, there are some universal attributes that can help you succeed in the workplace. Consider… Read More


Succeed in sales

By On April 19, 2018

Closing a sale is the end goal for many business owners but often knowing how to close the deal is a challenge. Here are three ways to improve your sales approach: Remove… Read More


How to improve efficiency

By On April 16, 2018

Efficient businesses create more with less. They are driven by highly-motivated employees and inspirational leaders. They understand the power of time-management, organisation, and most importantly, managing their resources. To improve the efficiency… Read More


Public speaking tips to win over a crowd

By On April 6, 2018

For a lot of people, public speaking isn’t their most strongest suit. But for many business owners, public speaking is inevitable at some point in their working career. Public speaking can provide… Read More


Recovering from a blunder

By On March 28, 2018

Mistakes happen all the time, and although they can be embarrassing, you can recover from them. Whether the mistake was minor or costly, handling the error with professionalism can save your dignity… Read More


Ways to improve your business

By On March 23, 2018

Business owners should always be on the lookout for ways to improve their business. It can be easy to fall into a trap of complacency, especially when business is doing well but… Read More


Standing out against your competition

By On March 16, 2018

When going for a job interview, it is important that you stand out against your competition. This can be tricky when you rely solely on the skills you possess and not the… Read More


Defining business values

By On March 16, 2018

Business values, much like personal values, influence behaviour and provide a set of rules or guidelines to follow. However, in a business context, values are often set and ignored. To avoid this,… Read More


Building awesome business relationships

By On March 9, 2018

An important aspect of any successful business is the ability to build and maintain strong business relationships. Whether you like it or not, at times you will find yourself surrounded by people… Read More


2018 business trends

By On March 5, 2018

To keep your business relevant in 2018, staying up to date with emerging business trends is essential. There are a number of strategies you can incorporate into your business model to ensure… Read More


Considerations before accepting a job offer

By On February 22, 2018

Accepting a new job offer can be exhilarating; you’ve put yourself out there, gone for an interview, waited to hear back and you finally get the good news. While it is all… Read More


The secrets of giving feedback

By On February 16, 2018

Providing feedback is a necessary part of any business. Providing effective feedback can make a significant difference to your employees, their job satisfaction and retention rates. Consider the following secrets to giving… Read More


How to avoid failing

By On February 6, 2018

In any business environment, there are constant challenges that can see you fail or can be tools for success. Channelling these challenges and turning them into strengths is necessary. Consider the following… Read More

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